Worrying about gas on a windy day?

CORGI HomePlan is fully committed, as ever, to helping to protect people from any of the dangers relating to the use of Gas, by consumers, both in and around their homes. We always work actively to ensure that the public are protected from any Gas related hidden dangers wherever possible.

The recent severe autumn storms across the country managed to gain headlines in the newspapers, for many reasons, both before and then immediately following them once the aftermath and full effects of the storms were known.

High winds wreaked havoc across the UK and left many people with unexpected problems, and potentially unexpected bills, to deal with.
This recent experience has shown us all too clearly that you should never take safety in and around the home for granted. In one particularly unfortunate incident, lives were sadly lost when a tree fell, destroying three houses and damaging a further two houses. In this particular instance, it is thought that a tree fell in the wind and hit a gas main causing a damaging blast to occur.

Whilst it is always difficult to predict when disaster may strike, an expert pair of eyes cast over your existing gas installation during an annual service could potentially save more than just money. CORGI HomePlan prides itself on both the thoroughness and professionalism of its engineers.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers have, on average, 20 years’ experience and will always be happy to discuss any safety related issues that you may have.

It is especially important at this time of year, with the nights now drawing in and getting longer and colder, to ensure that your families comfort and warmth is in a safe pair of hands. With CORGI HomePlan, we will be here waiting to help you with your problems throughout those long and cold winter nights.

Our experienced engineers have been thoroughly trained, always with Gas Safety in mind, because we know that your family’s safety is of paramount importance to you. They can assess whether an appliance has been installed in an unsafe way, or if it is operating unsafely.

If, for instance, they do happen to find an unsafe appliance within your home, they are trained to first make the installation or appliance safe and then to ensure that the best procedure is followed in order to rectify the situation in a timely and efficient manner. There are industry standard guidelines that every engineer is trained to follow in the event of a problem being discovered. All of our qualified Gas engineers will adhere to these guidelines as a part of our professional service.

Apart from the unlikely event of the possible issues highlighted above, Carbon Monoxide poisoning can and does still, in a few unfortunate cases, cause injury and fatalities.

Although these incidents are reducing every year, it is important to keep the focus on further reductions as any life lost is irreplaceable. We hope that our good work with the Gas Safety Trust and similar organisations will help to make these reductions continue in the future.

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