• Absolutely no hidden charges

  • 88% of callouts fixed on first visit

  • 24/7 emergency callouts

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    Absolutely no hidden charges

    All CORGI HomePlan maintenance plans have unlimited call outs, with all parts and labour included. Any exceptions are clearly stated upfront before you sign up.

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    88% of callouts fixed on first visit

    Last year 88% of our home repair and maintenance callouts were fixed on the very first visit. This includes call outs and scheduled appointments.

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    24/7 emergency callouts

    A Gas Safe Registered engineer will normally be with you within 24 hours. For any uncontrolled water leaks, we aim to arrive at your home within 2 hours. At all times you’ll have access to our claims team.

If you’re looking to find out more about becoming a CORGI HomePlan engineer, here’s the lowdown on how we work with you and how your business could benefit.

  • What are the advantages of being a CORGI HomePlan engineer?

    There are lots! Firstly, you remain independent – you are still your own boss, but with the added security of getting additional work from a business as trusted as CORGI HomePlan. We carry out our annual services in the summer, when most engineers are a little quieter, so you can increase your earnings at this time of year. We pay our engineers within 10 working days from receiving your invoice

  • How do I become a CORGI HomePlan engineer?

    It’s easy. If you are a Gas Safe Registered engineer send your details to network@corgihomeplan.co.uk and we will be in touch. The process involves letting us know about you and your business, what hourly rate you charge and what hours you are prepared to work. Getting registered on to our database usually takes around 7 days.

  • How often will you contact me with jobs?

    This depends on where you are located in the country and the demand from our customers. Customers are moving over to CORGI HomePlan all the time, and we have a growing database of 5,000+ engineers, so there is regular work in every region.

  • How quickly do I need to attend to a customer when a new job comes in?

    Within two hours for an emergency (uncontrolled water leak) and within 24 hours for all other callouts.

  • If I turn a job down, will I be knocked down your list?

    No, we understand that not everyone will be available for every job that comes in as you are busy running your business. We are not specific about how many jobs you have to accept, we prefer to keep it flexible.

  • Do I get told how many other engineers are active in my area and what area I will be expected to cover?

    No, due to data protection we cannot divulge this information.

  • Once I accept a job, what are my next steps?

    Once you accept a job, we will send you details of the customer and their requirements. It is then up to you to contact the customer as soon as you can and arrange for a convenient time to visit them.

  • What do I do if a customer needs work carried out that is not covered by their CORGI HomePlan policy?

    Contact us straight away and let us know what work needs doing and we will advise what is covered by the policy and what isn’t. We will then speak to the customer and let them know that they need a repair that isn’t covered by their policy. It is then up to the customer if they want you to quote for the job or seek an alternative.

  • Do I need to wear a CORGI HomePlan branded uniform to attend a CORGI HomePlan job?

    No. Our customers know that we use engineers local to them and contracted to CORGI HomePlan, so all we ask is that you are clean and presentable as you would be when visiting any customer.

  • How quickly will I be paid after I have carried out a CORGI HomePlan callout?

    We endeavour to pay within 10 working days of receiving completed job sheet.

  • If a customer provides any negative feedback about me, do I get a right of reply or am I demoted/removed from your list?

    We would always discuss any negative comments from a customer with you to better understand the individual situation.

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