Get more with CORGI HomePlan

It is easy to forget just how important your gas boiler really is. Every day, we rely on our central heating system for hot water and heat and, without it; things could quickly become quite inconvenient.

With a network of over 5000 fully qualified electricians, plumbers and Gas Safe registered engineers, you really do get more with CORGI HomePlan.

From just £16.99 per month, CORGI HomePlan’s comprehensive HomePlan solution provides protection for every eventuality. Not only is our level of cover more than our competitors, it is also significantly cheaper. If you don’t believe us, take a look for yourself: year-on-year, you’ll notice that our prices don’t slowly creep up, and other boiler insurance suppliers may not include some necessities, like a free boiler replacement.

What’s included?

First and foremost, CORGI HomePlan will cover any boiler repairs, which includes full parts and labour as well as unlimited call outs. In addition, we’ll replace your boiler any time up to 10 years after it was installed. To ensure safety and efficiency, we will also carry out an annual service as part of your cover.

Along with this comprehensive level of boiler cover and central heating cover, we’ll also provide help for electrical and plumbing issues. For electrics, this includes all fuse boards and boxes, circuit breakers, sockets, switches and light pendants in your home. For plumbing this includes hot and cold water pipes as well as overflows from your tanks.

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How much does it cost?

CORGI HomePlan costs just £16.99 per month. Compared to competitors, this is a saving of over £14 per month (or £168 per year). To put this minimal monthly expense into context, here is a breakdown of the average repair and replacement costs around your home:

  • Boiler repair – £430
  • Cylinder replacement – £550
  • Radiator repair/replacement – £230
  • Room Stat replacement – £98
  • F&E tank replacement – £170
  • Hot & could pipe repair/replacement – £150
  • Central heating circuit repair/replacement – £195
  • Fuse board replacement – £550
  • Sockets and switches replacement – £90
  • Circuit breaker replacement – £185

Are there any cover limits?

From the day your policy application is processed, there is an initial 30-day period where you cannot make a claim. This is for protection against pre-existing problems and to keep prices low for the customer.

In the first three months of your policy, central heating claims are limited to £300 per event. After this time, claims are unlimited. Plumbing and electrical problems are limited to £2000 per event throughout the policy duration.