Bleeding your radiators

If one of your radiators is cold at the top, it probably means that there is air trapped in there and it will need bleeding. It’s a relatively simple thing to do, but an important one to help maintain the efficiency of your boiler and central heating system.

  • Switch your heating off and make sure the radiator(s) are cool
  • With a cloth or rag underneath the bleed valve at the top corner of the radiator, put the radiator bleed key into the valve and turn it anti-clockwise, slowly. You should hear air escaping from the valve.
  • Once all the air has been ‘bled’ the water will start to run out of the valve.
  • When this happens, close the valve.
  • By restarting your heating system, you should find that the radiator will now be hot.
  • If you have a combi boiler or sealed system, you may need to re-pressurise your boiler. See below for how to do this.

If bleeding a radiator doesn’t solve the problem of cold radiators, you should call us

on 0800 085 0845 as you might require the assistance of our engineers

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