• Bleeding your radiators

    If one of your radiators is cold at the top, it probably means that there is air trapped in there and it will need bleeding. It’s a relatively simple thing to do, but an important one to help maintain the efficiency of your boiler and...

  • Resetting your boiler

    Often, a boiler can be returned to normal working order by resetting it. This is done by pressing the button or turning one of the thermostats to reset for 3 seconds before turning the stat back up. Follow this simple how to guide to resetting your...

  • Top tips to save you money

    At CORGI HomePlan we always try and bring you the best value for money possible, and look for ways we can help you save on your home heating costs. And there are lots of quick and easy things you can do to lower your energy bills straight...

  • Re-pressurising your boiler

    If your central heating is not working, it could be down to a loss of water pressure. The water pressure indicator on the front of your boiler should read between one and two bars of atmospheric pressure. If it is below one, then your boiler...

  • No power in your boiler

    If your boiler isn’t firing up, or the timer isn’t working, the first place to check is your fuse box. In most cases the problem is caused by a blown fuse and you can just flick the switch to get yours back on. Some boilers will have their own...


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