• Absolutely no hidden charges

  • 88% of callouts fixed on first visit

  • 24/7 emergency callouts

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    Absolutely no hidden charges

    All CORGI HomePlan maintenance plans have unlimited call outs, with all parts and labour included. Any exceptions are clearly stated upfront before you sign up.

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    88% of callouts fixed on first visit

    Last year 88% of our home repair and maintenance callouts were fixed on the very first visit. This includes call outs and scheduled appointments.

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    24/7 emergency callouts

    A Gas Safe Registered engineer will normally be with you within 24 hours. For any uncontrolled water leaks, we aim to arrive at your home within 2 hours. At all times you’ll have access to our claims team.

We have signed up more than 5,000 fully qualified and highly trusted electricians, plumbers and Gas Safe registered engineers and deliver work opportunities 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

We only work with small, independent operators, who work locally. Our customers like that you know their area, their address and, over the years, you’ll get to know them too.
Working for CORGI HomePlan shows that you are at the top of your game, providing customers with the most safe and professional workmanship available.

There are great benefits working with CORGI HomePlan too:

  • You won’t be out of pocket and are paid within 10 working days of completing a job
  • You’ll have work throughout the year – we carry out our annual services in the summer, when most engineers are a little quieter, so you can increase your earnings at this time of year
  • You are still your own boss, but with the added security of getting additional work from a business that has an extensive customer base and years of experience.
  • We cut out the middle man – once you accept a job the customer contact is up to you. Less back and forth – we trust you to run the job
  • No pressure - we understand that not everyone will be available for every job that comes in as you are busy running your business. We are not specific about how many jobs you have to accept, we prefer it that you are flexible.

If you’d like to know more about becoming part of our network then drop us a line at network@corgihomeplan.co.uk and we will be in touch.

You can find out more from some of our engineers below:

Kevin Mogg

“There’s a lot of satisfaction being able to offer a helping hand to people in their hour of need.”

Kevin has been working in the gas and heating trade since he was a teenager. During his career he spent six years working in a training facility teaching apprentices the trade before founding his own successful business ‘Gas Jet Limited’.

“It’s great to be associated with the CORGI HomePlan name. That means that when I’m working for CORGI, I always feel challenged to give customers the highest possible level of service.”

Working with CORGI HomePlan has been a positive experience for Kevin, who says, ‘I’d highly recommend working for CORGI to other members of the trade. The company has a great reputation for gas safety and customer care. It’s great to represent such a trusted brand”.

Kevin Mogg
35 years, Kent
Robert Anste

“Being able to diagnose a problem with my mind and then fixing it with my hands every day is very rewarding.”

Since leaving the forces years ago, Robert has been working as an engineer and joined the CORGI HomePlan team

CORGI HomePlan currently provides around 25 jobs a month for Robert who enjoys the consistency of the work: “CORGI HomePlan keep sending work throughout the year. The Summer jobs are mostly boiler services and then you move on to breakdowns in the Winter”.

Robert works with other contractors but explains that the CORGI HomePlan rates are what appeals to customers “their rates are lower than a lot of other places and they provide insurance for me as an engineer”.

Robert Anstee
5 years, Wiltshire
David Cund

“I love working with my hands.” David says, “It’s great to put together a whole heating system and see it working properly. It’s the best part of my day when I can say to a customer that everything is up a running and they don’t have to be cold anymore.”

David, an employee of Radiant Heating Supplies based in Birmingham, and working for CORGI HomePlan provides the majority, (around 70%) of all the work David receives.

David admires the way CORGI HomePlan put the customer first: “They won’t pass you around from one engineer to another. Once I’ve done a job for someone, I’m responsible for that person for the next month. It really encourages you to do the best job possible because if you do a good job first time you won’t have to go back”

David explains that being a member of CORGI HomePlan is a great way for engineers to maintain a steady income:

“It’s by far the easiest way I’ve found to get regular work. You don’t have to go out and look for it and it’s much better than advertising because you don’t have to pay a commission.”

David Cund
25 years, Birmingham
Tanweer Iqbal

“The most rewarding part of my job,” says Tanweer, “is the customer satisfaction I get from fixing a boiler and being able to turn a job around quickly. Especially for a family with young kids in the winter.”

Tanweer – a heating engineer based around the West Midlands - has been a CORGI HomePlan engineer since 2011. Around a quarter of the work his business gets is with CORGI Homeplan customers.

“Whereas normally gas engineers struggle to find work in the warmer months, CORGI HomePlan always sends me plenty of service jobs in the summer,” he says.

And he’s proud to work for the company: “It’s great being part of a great company with an excellent reputation for delivering prompt and efficient service to its customers.

Since working with CORGI HomePlan, Tanweer has built up a great relationship with the company: “They are a fantastic bunch of people. As you get to know names and voices, you start to feel like part of a team and happier to go the extra mile to help our customers."

Tanweer Iqbal
10 years, West Midlands
John Halliwell

“I really enjoy my line of work. I find it really rewarding when I’m able to fix a boiler that someone else has tried and failed to fix before me. It’s all about trying to be the best you possibly can be at what you do.”

John, a heating engineer based in Surrey, has been working for CORGI HomePlan for over 4 years. Around 25% of the work John carries out is work referred to him by CORGI HomePlan.

“CORGI HomePlan is always a regular source of work for me. Throughout the year they send me plenty to do. It’s great because it means that I don’t have spend my time going out and looking for work.

I do work with other contracts but CORGI HomePlan allows great flexibility in working. If I’m chocker-block they don’t mind me saying no”.

John Halliwell
20 years, Surrey
Graeme Hillier

“I generally enjoy helping people which is what this job is about. I get to meet and mix with new people which is great”.

Graeme is an experienced engineer who has been in the industry for a decade and has worked with CORGI HomePlan for a number of years.

Graeme explains, “I enjoy working with CORGI HomePlan, they provide a wide variety of work from services to repairs and assign jobs three or four times a week.

Graeme is also an advocate for the friendly staff at CORGI HomePlan, “The office staff are always really helpful. They respond quickly to their customers and turn jobs around in the fastest and easiest ways for everyone involved”.

Helping customers is one of Graeme’s favourite parts of the job, commenting “I like helping people, especially older people who are sometimes more vulnerable. It’s rewarding to be able to help people out”.

Graeme Hillier
10 years, Glasgow
Douglas Hunter

“The most rewarding part of my job is the customer satisfaction when you’ve done a great job.”

Douglas has been working in the gas and heating trade for 10 years, working with CORGI HomePlan for over 3 years.

In that time CORGI HomePlan have provided around 25% of his work with approximately 100 jobs each month. “Working for CORGI HomePlan is very good”, says Douglas, “their staff are friendly and they always ensure that their customers get a good service”.

Douglas explains one of the benefits of working with CORGI HomePlan is their organisation - “CORGI HomePlan are better organised than most, their computer systems log everything and their efficiency just makes things a lot easier on the job”.

Douglas Hunter
10 years, Falkirk
Alex Maku

“The engineers at the UK help desk really understand the work which means that the customer always gets the best advice and the right engineer for the job.”

Alex, a self-employed engineer is a member of the CORGI HomePlan team. “Waking up to guaranteed work is great and CORGI HomePlan make it clear that they appreciate their engineers”.

CORGI HomePlan is the main source of work for Alex, who says “I’ve never had to look for work. Whether it’s services or breakdowns, CORGI HomePlan provide stability”.

The combination of a friendly team and repeat custom allows for strong relationships too. Alex explains “You can build on relationships. You get to know the customers and they value the consistency too, it’s so rewarding when a customer specifically asks for you too”.

Alex Maku
11 years, London
Paul Davies

“There’s a real sense of reward in just being able to fix something for someone. I’ve been doing the job my whole life.”

Paul has been in the industry his entire working life, and owns his own business in Wales. Working alongside his two sons, the business carries out work across the South of the country.

Paul says of his years of experience working with CORGI HomePlan, “Working for CORGI is brilliant. They actually send you the parts for the job which sets them apart from many other contracts. The process is totally reliable and stress free”. Paul’s job satisfaction comes from all aspects of the job, “Fixing any fault, servicing the boilers or fixing a breakdown, it’s all rewarding”.

Paul Davies
37 years, Mid-Glamorgan

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