Why boiler cover is worthwhile

In every aspect of life, it is important to plan for every eventuality. Whether it is protecting your property against unforeseen events, purchasing private medical cover for injuries and illness or taking out life cover should the unthinkable happen.

However, it is sometimes the smaller things that create the biggest problems. The majority of us will most likely take our central heating completely for granted, but should something happen to the supply of hot water, we would be in a spot of bother!
Therefore, more and more people are taking out appropriate policies for both boiler protection and central heating cover, but is it worth the money?

Long-term saving

In terms of financial outlay, it is important to look at the bigger picture. Should a breakdown occur, can you afford to pay a substantial lump sum to rectify the problem? Here is a list of the average costs associated with boiler and central heating issues:

  • Boiler repair – £370

  • Cylinder replacement – £550

  • Radiator repair/replacement – £230

  • Room Stat replacement – £98

  • F&E tank replacement – £170

  • Hot & cold pipe repair/replacement – £150

  • Central heating circuit repair/replacement – £195

  • Fuse board replacement – £550

  • Sockets and switches replacement – £90

  • Circuit breaker replacement – £185

If more than one of these items needs attention, you could be looking at a bill totalling thousands of pounds. In today’s economic climate, this is a truly daunting prospect.

Affordable monthly premiums are not only easy to manage, they can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Peace of mind

Along with the financial benefits, boiler protection and central heating cover will provide added peace of mind for any household. Whether you have a hectic work schedule or busy family life, the added stress of dealing with boiler and central heating problems does not bear thinking about.

However, with a comprehensive policy that covers every aspect of your home’s most important assets, you can rest assured that any problem is swiftly and easily dealt with.

For example, CORGI HomePlan’s cover will have a Gas Safe registered engineer arrive on the same day or within 24 hours of a breakdown occurring. For urgent issues such as uncontrolled gas and water leaks, we aim to have someone there in less than 2 hours.

Prevent future problems

Even though boiler protection and central heating cover can save you money and provide reassurance for the most testing and difficult situations, these policies can also prevent future problems from happening.

Our CORGI HomePlan cover includes an annual boiler service to make sure your central heating system is working safely and efficiently. The qualified professional carrying out the service will be able to detect any issues or faults that may become apparent in the future.
What’s more, if the boiler cannot be repaired, if it is within the age limit from when it was first installed, we will supply a replacement to the same specification free of charge.

The standard and energy efficiency of modern boilers are far greater than in previous years and can markedly bring down the cost of your fuel bills too.

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