A guide to boiler cover with CORGI HomePlan

Having no hot water or central heating because of a boiler fault is an experience none of us want to go through. What’s more, arranging a repair or replacement, going without life’s essentials for a prolonged period of time and the inevitable costly expense is far from ideal either.

Therefore, more and more people are recognising the benefits of taking out Boiler Cover, which will ensure any issue is dealt with quickly and efficiently. While some may not welcome the extra monthly expense, it is well worth it in the long run.

So here is a closer look at CORGI’s HomePlan cover, which can provide comprehensive protection against boiler faults as well as central heating, plumbing and electrical issues.

What’s included?

First and foremost, CORGI HomePlan will cover any boiler repairs, which includes full parts and labour as well as unlimited call outs. In addition, We will replace your boiler up to 10 years from when it was installed.

To ensure every boiler is working safely and as efficiently as possible, we will also carry out an annual service as part of your cover.

Any issues with other central heating fixtures and parts including pumps, pipework, radiators, valves, hot water supply and tanks, and control systems including timers and thermostats are also covered.

Along with this comprehensive level of boiler cover and central heating cover, we will also provide help for electrical and plumbing issues. For electrics, this includes all fuse boards and boxes, circuit breakers, sockets, switches and light pendants in your home. Whereas plumbing protects hot and cold water pipes as well as overflows from your tanks.

This all-encompassing level of protection is excess free and compromises of emergency call-outs too.

How much does it cost?

CORGI HomePlan costs just £16.99 per month. Compared to competitors, this is a saving of over £12 per month or £140 per year. Furthermore, rival firms do not offer the same level of cover or support.

To put this minimal monthly expense into context, here is a breakdown of the average repair and replacement costs around your home:

• Boiler repair – £370
• Cylinder replacement – £550
• Radiator repair/replacement – £230
• Room Stat replacement – £98
• F&E tank replacement – £170
• Hot & could pipe repair/replacement – £150
• Central heating circuit repair/replacement – £195
• Fuse board replacement – £550
• Sockets and switches replacement – £90
• Circuit breaker replacement – £185

Therefore, it is clear to see that CORGI HomePlan is an affordable and cost-effective way of safeguarding your boiler and central heating. As mentioned previously, not having to worry about the worst-case scenario and the added peace of mind that comes with this cover is invaluable.

Are there any cover limits?

From the day your policy application is processed, there is an initial 30-day period where you cannot make a claim. This is for protection against pre-existing problems and to keep prices low for the customer.

In the first three months of your policy, central heating claims are limited to £300 per event. After this time, claims are unlimited. Plumbing and electrical problems are limited to £2000 per event throughout the policy duration.